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The Oath 

They started out as law-abiding citizens Good “city-zens”…..not intending to become the “bad cops” they are now Just like many of us I believe so…. I want to believe so……


Jack Ryan 

Should we call you, Dr Jack Ryan? Or “Jack, the financial analyst”? Damn….I will give you that You are good with your “numbers” and Following the money to where it…


The Strain 

Be warned….it’s a HORROR STORY! Made of vampire-like beings that have this long tongue that they use to suck out your blood!!! And they leave small tiny looking worms coming…



Professor Dylan Reinhart…. Have you heard of him? How about Detective Elizabeth Needham? The 11th Precinct of the NYPD? Ring a bell? Any of that bring some memories back to…



I first got to know about this show on CBS back in August of 2018 On YouTube, as I enjoyed it’s trailer…. My God, who doesn’t love Agent Bell and…