Wandering Mind


We live life

It gets to be told about in segments.

A millipede is an entire animal

It is made of small parts called segments.

A movie can be long or short

It can be broken down into segments, too.

The human brain works with a lot of information

To store it all well, it has to be in segments.

Photo credit: Science


What makes up segments?

Could it be so many little other segments?

Deep inside segments,

What do we have to learn about these segments?

Is it safe to say that segments are good for having things arranged?

Or, are segments the worst of their kind?

Many questions,

So much to learn about you, segments.

Photo credit: Displayr


Segments! Segments! Segments!

When a segment, you are simply a speck of dust.

When together with other segments,

Your beauty is something to behold!

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