Problems, problems, problems

When will you ever leave me alone?

When shall you ever go away, for just a day?

Huh? When, problems? When?


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I hate one thing about you, problems.

You speak so calmly….almost like a gentle sea breeze

Since I do not like you very much, I send you away hastily

You never leave. No matter how much I postpone seeing you, you will always be there!

Problems, problems, problems I ask….when shall you ever leave me alone?


What can I do to have you staying away from me for just one day, problems, huh?

I have honestly come to my limit

I have tried everything that has been asked of me to try but you have never left me, for just an hour!

If the problem is not with me, it is with someone close to my heart or somebody I will be meeting at the next corner.

Tell me now, problems. What can I do for you?


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Anha…I had forgotten something else to say about you, problems….

Problems, problems, problems

You always show up alone

You never show up with written instructions on how to deal with you or handle you or solve you, once and for all!

And you simply leave us guessing what our best move can be….I think it is a game to you and one you enjoy so much, don’t you?

We end up spending so much time on just you alone and yet, we could have used that time to do something much better and interesting, do not you agree?


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Hey you,

Having heard all that stuff coming out of my mouth, heart and mind

Do you have anything to say to counter my claims and lamentations?

I really hope you agree with me today, problems that for once, you can just let me be!

I promise I will not get into trouble or disturb you or turn our mischievous!

I will be a very good child, okay problems?


Alright then….see you later.

Problems, problems, problems.