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Jack Ryan 

Should we call you, Dr Jack Ryan? Or “Jack, the financial analyst”? Damn….I will give you that You are good with your “numbers” and Following the money to where it…


The Purge 

Esme: “I’ve seen what people do when they think no one is watching”. The New Founding Fathers Association For a while now, Have had this very great idea of granting…



How I wish I could meet this team of geniuses That referred to themselves as “Team Scorpion” Just like Special Agent Cabe….met with them on a daily Okay….not the part…


Mayans M.C 

Their full name is Mayans Motorcycling Club And is divided majorly into two Southern Cali. and Northern Cali. Aka Santo Padre and Oakland, respectively….at least, by what I have “been…