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Lincoln Rhyme

Are you law-enforcement? Are you retired law-enforcement? Are you family of law-enforcement? Are you family of retired law-enforcement? Then, I…


The Punisher

What a loss this was! I am only knowing of this now That Punisher ….my “Punisher” Was cancelled!!!! The way…


Mindful Conversations

2019…the 8th day of March Is when I can vividly remember Having heard of the name “Hazel” from our “supervisor”…


Talking about the job….

For those that have been around long enough I have this question for you…. Do you ever talk about the…


Gangs of London

CINEMAX has struck again This time around….with much more vulgar scenes of action, revenge, love, betrayal, power and control, lust…


Pianos and Keyboards

First of all, are these 2 the same? When I say piano and keyboards, do I mean the same thing?…