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Is there something you can’t explain but you damn well know that it exists in your life? For a good reason, by the way? Could it be somebody that has…

Motivation, Wandering Mind

Somebody has to speak up!

We just let them get away with it like that? Hell no!!!! I REFUSE TO LET THAT HAPPEN And neither should you!!!   Injustice for one of us is injustice…

Health, Lifestyle, Motivation


I will begin off saying “Unbelievable” has been my very best show in 2019! It has been better than “Treadstone”, “Stumptown”, “Emergence”, “Jack Ryan”, “Warrior”, “Mayans MC” or even “Bluff…

Health, Lifestyle, Motivation, Wandering Mind

Eating tomorrow TODAY

First off, I hope you have THIS!!! By that, I mean the 2019 State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World! It was published by the Food and Agricultural…


The Last Ship

I want you to imagine yourself As a soldier or their family on a foreign mission You have been away on this mission for so many months without knowing exactly…


In my eyes

You are perfect Just what I need…. No need to change a single thing on you! In my eyes You are my child How can I fail to love you……

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