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Capitalism is death!!! 

Capitalism is a tenterhook of patriarchy, it is said! So, when I say that capitalism is death, wouldn’t you agree?…

I can 
Taking inventory of my bullshit 
My story 

Do you love stories? Real-life stories? I, for one, do….so much. I want to share this particular story with you,…

Ya better put some respek on those metres! 
Date 5 

It has been two months already since we last “fooded” with Jjjuuurrriiieeeee… And we decided that the month of February…

The “Golden Jacket” Did It For Date 4 After 24 Years! 
Thirst – Intracellular Thirst and Extracellular Thirst. 

“Thirst” is largely defined as “a craving for something to drink”. But do you know that thirst has some types…

Date 3…an extremely random one we loved! 
3 Ways Food Has Become a Fashion Statement. 
Check What Is Under The Hood Of The Vehicle! 

“When you are on the road driving, assume that everyone else on the road is dumb and not knowledgeable of…

Date 5 
Date 3…an extremely random one we loved! 

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